Monday, April 16, 2007

Kicking And Screaming Into The New Version Of Blogger

Aargh! Well, I've finally made the switch to the new version of blogger. It wasn't that I really wanted to do it but I had become really aggravated with the fact that some days I couldn't even get to my dashboard to write posts because it kept bringing me to the "Switch To The New Blogger" page. I hate change. The first year I started blogging, I hated the template that I was using but I was too afraid to change it. I only ended up with my current template because my old one was all screwed up from me adding and deleting code from it.

It turns out that the switch really wasn't that bad. I thought that it would eliminate my ability to trick out the template as much as I was accustomed to doing but it seems that this is still an option. It just made it so that I didn't have to fool with the template every time I wanted to add some new widget to my page, which is rather nice.

I've been playing with it all day and I even managed to find a nice photo to put up there by the title of my blog. I've seen lots of other people with pictures up there and I always wanted one too but I didn't know how to do it. I know that sounds kind of silly seeing as how often I insert pictures throughout my posts. I couldn't find the right place to imbed the html image code. The new blogger version made it a lot easier to do because I don't have to sort through everything. Going through the template was a bit of a pain because there's just imbedded type in it that it becomes hard to make sure you don't place the code in a place that screws up the alignment of the sidebar or title box or footer.

I don't know if I'm going to stick with this photo or use one of the others that I've found. Who knows? Now that I've found a way to do it, I might switch it up from time to time just to keep from getting bored of looking at the same shot.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Bint.

Interesting blog you have here.
Sorry to hear about your battle with cancer. My prayers are with you.

So, you're a survivor of hurricane Katina?

Well, kudos to you. One year later, and the aftereffects of Katrina are still in evidence. But, I am praying for all the survivors of NOLA, but, especially for you.

Blogger. Hmm.

I used to use Blogger, but, then I switched over to WordPress.

It's been okay so far, although I'm still learning my way around how to get videos (like YouTube) onto my site.

Oh, before I forget.

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Have a good day.

jb said...

ok so i was equally perturbed by the prompts to switch to the new blogger (which i couldn't do because i belonged to a few out of date group blogs that couldn't be moved) but now that i want to switch i can't figure out how.

ps- your blog is awesome