Saturday, March 17, 2007

Top O' The Morning To Ya!

This morning we went out to the St. Patrick's Day parade and had a rollicking good time. It was packed out there! St. Patrick's Day Louisiana-style means floats, beads, doubloons, and PLENTY of green beer. We have two Celtic societies here, so there's also a few bagpipe processions.

My sister Neko-chan (her alias for my blog) came down and spent White day with us and then went to visit her friends but she came back today to spend St. Patrick's Day with us. Unfortunately, our partner-in-crime, my cousin's wife, could not come with us because she just had a baby two months ago and she's breastfeeding. That means no getting drunk for her!

The krewes passed out more throws than any other year. VanGoghGirl got pelted with stuffed animals all morning. A lot of people were throwing beanie babies this year. She also collected two bamboo spears. Neko-chan got lots of attention, of course. She's one cool girl and with the two of us dancing along with the music, we got lots of beads. The riders love to see people rockin' along with the music playing on their floats. There were a few songs I could not dance along with though. There were a couple of dorky krewes filled with college-aged guys. One had Eminem and the other had Li'l Boosie blasting through their speakers. I'm no stick in the mud but there are some songs I wouldn't be caught dead dancing to.

Everyone was so friendly. That's what I like about the parades in Baton Rouge.

Thank goodness someone threw Neko-chan a big potato sack or else we would never have been able to take all of our stuff home. When we got home we put our loot on the scale and it came in at over thirty pounds of beads alone. The German had to carry it all

to be continued.. It's drinking time again!

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