Friday, March 09, 2007

They Ain't One Of Us!

R. Mildred over at Cuntensquirten brings up an important point that has been completely ignored in this whole dust up about Tweedledee & Tweedledum. Over on Nine Pearls, as folks were trying to figure out just what the heck IS the matter with Heart and Chasing Moksha, someone suggested that the latter is "bi-polar". R. Mildred was wrote a post asking people to please stop using this term in reference to the idiots in question. She also took the time to give a brief description of what Bi-polar disorder is and what it is not.

This is all very important because there is absolutely no reason why us folks with disabilities should get stuck in the same group as those two. I mean, people with Bi-polar disorder may have periods where their behavior can rightly be described as manic but at least there is some reason why they act that way. You have a chemical imbalance in your brain--too much cortisol or calcium in the wrong place--so you take some medication for it regularly and you're basically good to go, no further problems. There's nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about, nothing that anyone should hold against you.

However, if you are just plain evil or racist, then it's a completely different situation all around. Of course, people like that rarely feel ashamed or embarrassed about their actions even when they probably should be. Instead of complaining when someone attributes their vile behavior to some sort of mental illness, if I were them, I'd stop and think about what it means when someone says this sort of stuff despite not having a chemical imbalance to blame it on.


belledame222 said...


i've been known to armchair diagnose personality disorders, mostly because as I understand 'em they're another way of saying "chronic solipsistic asshole, impervious to either reason or empathy, will make you feel like you just fell down the rabbit hole, sucker-punched, or just plain like you need a stiff drink after talking to them for too long. May have nothing to do with mood disorders"

...but, I take Sly's & others points that that, too, can be used as a weapon, so I've (largely, I hope) stopped doing that.

the thing about mood disorders (of which I have one, unipolar depression; no, there is no shame in going to the damn head-doctor and getting treated, same as for any other damn disease) or any other disorder, though, is: as you say, you take medication, and/or do whatever other treatment might help. You may not even always be good to go, but, it's clear that there's a solid personality there, which emerges when the haywire chemicals are not playing merry havoc; the person is self-aware and -is working on it.-

If you keep falling back on what the psych people call an "external locus of control," i.e. blaming everyone and everything under the sun except your own sweet self for your asshattery (and yes, chemical disorders -can- be used this way as well, unfortunately, i.e. this is something that happens to me and therefore I am not responsible for monitoring it, or for anything I do while Under The Influence)--well, now, that's something else.

"Choice" is a tricky term in such situations. Me, I'm at the point where I just don't really care much. If it walks like a chronic asshole, talks like a chronic asshole, then I'm sorry: as far as I'm concerned, it IS a chronic asshole. The onus of proving otherwise is on the CA. More to the point: I don't have the damn time for it; it is Not My Problem. I don't wish to pour all my finite energy down an energy sink; it doesn't matter if it's the energy sink's -fault- it's the way it is as far as I'm concerned; I am not Mother Fucking Theresa, and there are other people and situations that are far worthier of my -finite- energy, time, and attention.

Donna said...

If I remember correctly, Veronica said that CM mentioned being bipolar and did it to put a stop one person calling her crazy. I also warned that same person to cut the crap with the "crazy" talk. Now Veronica was wrong about CM, she apologized for it, and said that she thinks she mistook her for someone else who did mention being bipolar. I think it was an honest mistake, Veronica wasn't trying to attribute asshattery to mental illness. She was actually trying to protect CM from an unfair attack although CM twisted it, because she twists everyones words.

bint alshamsa said...

I've been seeing psychiatrists off and on (more on than off) since I was a wee bint and I've been on anti-anxiety and anti-depressant meds pretty much all of my adult life. I've also been hospitalized in mental wards twice (long story, I'll tell ya' about it one day) and I have seen the patients who refuse to take responsibility for staying on their meds because they simply don't mind driving other folks nuts. So, basically, I know what you're talking about.

But they've already made it clear that they don't have any brain injuries or mental disorders affecting their judgment, so I'm inclined to agree with you that this is basically a case of Chronic Assholery.

belledame222 said...

Donna: yes, anyone else might've at least acknowledged that Veronica was actually trying to do the woman a -favor-, in several ways actually.

oh, and of course, she's outraged at the very -idea- of having been diagnosed with -anything,- you know: SHE'S never been to a psychologist!

which 1) surprise and 2) well obviously then she's COMPLETELY SANE, ISN'T SHE :facepalm:

"Vomit Monster" is about right.

belledame222 said...

...anyway, there are certainly names for the let's say "techniques" being used there (i.e. twisting, conveniently shifting history, everyone's out to get MEEEEEEE, and so on)

ben said...


Anonymous said...

If she's not mentally ill, she's crazy or psycho. I was on anti-d's for ten years and anti-psychs about five (hard to tell which ones overlapped like zyprexa, etc.) and was hospitalized too. I don't mind people using the word crazy or psycho if it fits.