Friday, March 09, 2007

I Gots Me An Award Too!!!

I was over at Being Amber Rhea and it turns out that she is the blogosphere's newest award recipient. I clicked on the link to see who gave it to her and guess what? It turns out that I am also a recipient of an award! That's right! The queen of sexiness and snark, Renegade Evolution, decided to get in on the action and came up with a few virtual gold stars of her own. You should go and check them out; They're freakin' hilarious, especially if you are a regular reader of the bloggers she mentioned.

First Category: Deflection of Bile and Toxic with amazing wit!

Bint Alshamsa, and I am sure she knows why!


Anonymous said...

You're the best!

We'll speak soon. Sniff, sniff. Thank you for all that stuff you said that made me blush and giggle. Right back at you Girl!

Kevin Andre Elliott said...

Yay! Congrats!

bint alshamsa said...

Thanks you guys! I think I earned this one the hard way and only by the skin of my teeth.