Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Has Anyone Had Bad Experiences With The New Blogger?

I'm getting tired of getting sent to the screen asking me if I'm ready to switch to the new blogger, so I'm starting to consider doing it just to stop having to bother with constantly trying to get the page to stop redirecting.

Has anyone switched to the new blogger? How do you like it? Do you wish you had stuck with the old one? Are there any disadvantages to it? Did you lose any information when you switched?

In other words, can someone fill me in on this because I'm totally clueless?

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Renegade Evolution said...

i switched, it was painless

Kay Olson said...

It wasn't painless for me because I breezed past some warning about changing something (template?) and losing all my sidebar links. I breezed. I lost all links.

Make a copy of your html template complete with all the links and scripts first. Then, whatever happens, you can add it back. And if you don't know much about html, I believe the new Blogger makes it easier to add extra scripts and such.

Foofa said...

New blogger is the awesomest. I didn't have links yet though.

nexy said...

after switching to the new blogger, logging in is now like a 3 step process for some reason. when i get logged out (which seems to be more often now), i click on the "log in" link, which takes me to a login page, where i enter my user name and password, which then takes me to the new blogger login page, where i have to log in using my email address and password.

on the up side, the transition went smoothly, and now i can tag each post with key words.

Anonymous said...

From the sounds of it I was the only one with this problem, but new blogger wasn't liking my html tags, including when I didn't have any, which meant it refused to let me post. Got tired afer a few days so I hiked on over to wordpress. ( I have little patience with webpage problems, but someone who knows what they're doing probably won't have a problem fixing it)

Also, the word verification box doesn't always show, and half the time it disagrees with my verification letters, although the disagreements are probably on errors on my part.