Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A HUGE Victory for Native Americans

It's Mardi Gras day and New Orleanian tradition dictates that I should at least be halfway to tipsiness but I really wanted to write this post because there is more than one thing for me to celebrate today and I can't decide which one should take precedent so I've decided to enjoy both equally.

The University of Illinois has finally decided to stop using the racist "Chief Illiniwek" caricature as its mascot. This is definitely a big accomplishment for all those who have written and called and protested against the dehumanizing and patronizing practice of having some white guy jump around like a fool all the while pretending to dance like a foreigner's view of Native American fancy dance.

I'm going to blog about this more later on but for now I am pleased beyond belief!


Hahni said...

I see that you tried to engage John Aravosis about his blind racism on this issue. I also see that he basically just called you a liar. Well, bint, you've got my vote for bravest woman in the blogosphere.

Foofa said...

Did you hear that those fool white students are suing the school for taking away their rights to portray this mascot who they think honors Native American culture? What a crock of mess.