Friday, February 23, 2007

Geek Links

It's my moon week and it looks like this one is going to be uncomfortable. Normally, I try to use this period as a time for spiritual reflection and renewal but I've been having a rather severe case of cramps and it's seriously messing with my mood right now. Sometimes, I resort to kitten therapy but Noor and Leila (the two in-house felines) appear to be too busy licking their bums today instead of giving nice little kitty-kneads. Oh well, I guess hygiene should come before leisure time.

Meanwhile, I found a couple of links that might appeal to those of my readers who happen to be a bit geeks--and let's face it, if you visit here more than a couple of times, this shoe probably fits you pretty well.

First up, we have:

1.What's Special About This Number?
Have you ever wondered what's so great about the number 10? How about the number 72? What about 9,876? Okay, I know you're curious now, so go check it out.

2.Giant Microbes
Have you ever been given Syphilis by someone you love? Would you like to return the favor? Have you ever wished that a certain politician would suddenly find himself stricken with the world's worst case of athlete's foot for all those time when he's put his foot in his mouth? Now you can make it happen!

3.One word: Scrotumgate

4.Tennessee Fainting Goats
These little fellows appeal to the spastic in me. See, sometimes genetic variations can be sort of fun to have!

5.The Guy's (or Girl's) Guide To Geek Girls
This is everything you need to know if you want to find yourself a girl who knows how to fix your computer, splice some DNA, and still open up a can of whup-ass whenever necessary.

6.Baby Tattoos
VanGoghGirl's bio-dad is a graphic artist and tattoo enthusiast for many years. In fact, he designed all of the tats he's had done. About month ago I happened to mention to my daughter that the CanadianBoy is a tattoo artist, so she's been bugging me ask him to send us pictures of his work. Since then, she's been having a ball using her markers to design elaborate temporary tats on my arms. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets a few real ones when she grows up. Until then, the ones on this site seem like a pretty fly alternative for her. They can even be used on babies!!

7.Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club For Scientists
I don't even know how to explain why it is but, in my personal experience, scientists do have a tendency to have long hair. Maybe it's laziness. Maybe it's just their way of sticking to the man and bucking the establishment. Maybe the genes controlling hair follicle activity are correlated with the ability to find looking into a microscope for twelve hours a day exciting enough to make it a career. Of course, we'd first have to find out there really is a statistically significant proportion of scientists with long hair. Can anyone here do the math? No? Well, you'll at least enjoy the pictures on this page.

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belledame222 said...

Hm. Well, my dad's a scientist, and tho' I love him dearly I am afraid to report that of his many gifts, luxurious flowing hair isn't one of 'em. as a matter of fact...oo, no, it would be mean. Poor Dad.