Friday, August 25, 2006

Yeah for Plan B!!

I'm really excited about the FDA's decision to allow the "Plan B" drug to be available over the counter (OTC). It's been an issue that has taken far too long to be addressed. I remember years ago when I was a real right-wing girl, I had a talk with one of my right-wing doctors. He convinced me that Plan B was pretty much the same as abortion and that was all I needed to hear in order for me to be against it. That made me feel all the more angry when I researched this drug and found out that his claims were absolutely factless. Because of my complex medical conditions, I am the kind of person who often has to rely on my doctors to tell me everything I need to know in order to make good decisions. However, that doesn't mean I need them making my decisions for me.

Doctors like the one who first talked to me about Plan B are one of the main reasons why women need it to be available over the counter. In theory, I totally support a physician's right to not perform any procedure that he feels uncomfortable with as long as he lets all of his potential patients know what his stance is before they choose him and as long as he's willing to refer patients he won't treat to doctors that can and will help them get the services that they need. However, there are too many instances where physicians are unable or unwilling to treat (or refer women to where they can be treated)

Of course, the usual folks are unhappy about it. That includes my mother.

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