Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Please Don't Forget About Us

Shamelessly stolen from gbitch, one of my favorite New Orleanians.


Donna said...

hey thanks for calling me ignorant on my blog. love and kisses to you too

bint alshamsa said...

No problem. I'm more than willing to do so again, if necessary. *smooches*

P.S. Please feel free to visit and comment again but know this: I do moderate this blog and I do not allow trolls to come here and spread hatred.

For anyone else who'd like to see what this is all about, you can check out this post on the abortionclinicdays website:

Spiritual Resolution

The "dkmca2003" on here is the person going by the name "Donna McAllister" in the comments on the other blog. As usual, I'm the "bint alshamsa" that replied to her. It might be a little hard to see my responses at first because the site's comments section isn't html-enabled. However, basically every other paragraph is from me. I don't think you'll have much trouble figuring it all out if you read her comments first.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bint Alshamsa,

Please accept my apology for my rudeness earlier today. I got angry, and I lashed out at you when I knew it was wrong. I had no right to respond with sarcasm or hatefulness, and I truly regret it. My conscience has plagued me all day. Please forgive me.

If it would make amends, I'd be happy to go back to the abortion site where I left the comment and apologize there as well. I was out of line and should have known better. If I had it to do over, I would have closed the window as soon as I realized what I was reading. I'd been looking for knitting sweater patterns for the CIC and Afghans projects and was in a helping little kids frame of mind. I'm not even sure how the links I followed ended at that site, but I was thinking knitting patterns and it caught me off guard. It's not an excuse, but I hope it explains some of my unacceptable conduct.

Given my own beliefs, I'm often at a loss as to how to behave where this issue is concerned. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I can see how my hateful posts here and at the other site did just that. I truly don't want to be a hypocrite, but I feel like a coward saying nothing. I noticed your banner "Embrace Diversity" and hope you will find it in your heart to include me in that group.

I would ask one favor of you, even though I don't deserve it. I don't think I can take anymore fighting just now. You mentioned your own fight with SLE. I'm in the same boat and find that I really need to focus myself of loving thoughts when I'm in a bad flare. Letting myself get hateful and mean just drags me and the people around me even farther down. Would you mind not responding if you're still really angry? You have every right given my behavior to tell me off again, but I would take it as a real kindness if you didn't.

If you would like me to make a public apology on the other site, just let me know, and I'll do it right away.

Thank you for sharing your experiences as a cancer survivor. This is something that has hit us hard in the last year too. Being sick can be so isolating sometimes. It's good to have people to share our experiences with.

I loved your tributes to New Orleans on the blog. Here in Houston, we have so many people wanting to go home and that have lost everything. There's still so much pain and suffering. Now they're talking about evicting some of the people in public housing. They can't go home and they can't pay the rent. It's just horrible. Unfortunately, my city has sometimes divided into the "real Houston" and "New Orleans Houston." We have a long way to go in learning how to help our neighbors. Our family loves New Orleans and pray for the day when it's bigger and better than ever.

Donna McAllister

(I tried sending you this as a private e-mail, but wasn't sure it made it. Sorry if it's a double post.)

brownfemipower said...

wow, just made it through the exchange--way to go bint!!!! :-)

you are a true rockin' hot babe...

brownfemipower said...

btw, i would be interested to hear your reflections on the anniversary compared to the 9-11 anniversary--if it doesn't make you too angry, that is.