Friday, August 11, 2006

The Car That Hated Texas

There's so much going on that I barely know where to begin. We are finally back from Texas. Actually, we've been back for about a week now. We wound up getting Mrs. Bugglesworth fixed in Dallas and now she's running even better than before. I decided to treat her to a new feature that doubles as a gift for me. We now have Sirius Satellite Radio installed in the car and it's already surpassed my expectations. There are several really great talk-radio stations for all of the news-addicted political masochists like me and The German. VanGoghGirl really loves the Radio Disney Channel and I have to admit that I like most of the songs that play on it too. It's pretty inexpensive too. The German bought the equipment from off of EBay and a monthly subscription only costs around ten bucks a month. Fortunately, we can still afford this despite all of the money we just spent to get Mrs. Bugglesworth back in tip top shape!

I am never taking my car to Texas again. We rode all the way through Louisiana with no problems but ten minutes after we crossed the border into Texas, Mrs. Bugglesworth's front right tire started getting wobbly. The German got out to take a look at it but he didn't see anything wrong. Then a few miles later, the belt broke on the tire. Fortunately, we were approaching a gas station just as this happened, so we turned in. Imagine our surprise when we made the turn into the station only to find that there was a used tire shop attached to it. The guy at the shop didn't have the kind of tire that we needed there but he did have on at their other location.

While we waited for the tire to arrive at the station where we were, The German checked out the spare that came with our car. It turns out that there was a full-sized spare in the trunk but we decided to wait for the shop's tire so that we'd still have that one to use in case anything else happened on the road. After waiting for around an hour and a half, they brought the tire over and the mechanic started putting it on. To give you an idea of the temperature outside that day, the ground was so hot that when he jacked up the car, the jack began sinking into the sun-softened asphalt! The mechanic changed the tire and sent us on our way.

After riding away from the tire shop, we got about three miles down the road when Mrs. Bugglesworth started running hot. To make a long story short, it turns out that when the mechanic was trying to install the replacement tire, he didn't put the jack in the right place. He busted a hose somewhere underneath the engine near the radiator. So, what should have been an afternoon ride to Texas wound up taking all day because we had to keep stopping as the car overheated.

Being the pretty spoiled girl that I am, I know The German thought that I'd complain about having to ride without the comfort of the air conditioner but he was so upset about what happened that I didn't want to make it worse by griping about something that wasn't his fault. As it turns out, this whole incident was a blessing in disguise because when we finally got the car to the Bug specialist out in Dallas, we found out that the timing belt tensioner was about a week away from breaking. Had that happened, Mrs. Bugglesworth would have suffered internal engine damage and required (costly) major surgery to get her running again. I feel like God was really looking out for us this time and I'm really grateful!


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog tonight while googling for something related to CS. It was nice to see you are still here. So worried about you during Katrina. So many of us have missed your presence. So many are no longer with us, too. This being public, I hope you will drop me a line. There is so much I never understood.

G Bitch said...

Tell Mrs. Bugglesworth I feel the same way about Texas--hated it, hated it, hated it but got myself all snazzied up in their fine outlet malls and stores.

Glad you're back and safe.

Anonymous said...

congrats on getting Mrs. Bugglesworth all fixed up. i'm really hoping to have saved enough money by the end of the month to go back down to North Carolina and fix up my car, which has been broken down for almost two years. i never drive, but i'll feel so much better knowing that its not sitting in my friend's driveway any more. unfortunately, i may get down there to find out that the car has to be retired. oh well, at least it will be taken care of.

btw, in addition to not driving in texas, you might want to avoid Nevada too. some friends and i got stranded there for a few days back in 2000. deserts just aren't great places to be stranded.