Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Kid At Her School

VanGoghGirl has been having problems at school again. She has some sort of rivalry going on between her and a little boy that is in the same gifted class and art classes and also rides the bus with her everyday. I think we'll just call him Hanuman for the sake of convenience. Anyways, Hanuman was the darling of the art program at the school before VanGoghGirl came along. He had won a national contest which resulted in a certain company donating hundreds of dollars in art supplies to the school. Once she joined it, they were both considered the top two students. However, VanGoghGirl kind of eclipsed him rather quickly. The Louisiana State Archives has yearly exhibitions of art from the entire parish, one for each of the three grade groups (elementary, middle, high school). For the past three years VanGoghGirl has had the most pieces selected for the elementary students' exhibition. It's a pretty big deal locally and it resulted in the school superintendent asking if he could put a copy of one piece in his office after he saw it.
Hanuman is really good. His art is very different from VanGoghGirl's. The art teacher says that while Hanuman is very good at realism, she doesn't consider it to be as advanced as VanGoghGirl's. She said VanGoghGirl's understanding of art and her abstract art put her on the same level as the college students she teaches. She said that VanGoghGirl is the most talented student she's ever known because she can sing, act, and create art with equal talent. Okay, now that I've finished bragging about my kid I'll get down to what's going on with Hanuman.

This squirt seems quite determined to try to knock VanGoghGirl down a few notches every single day. He constantly brags to the other children about what his parents do for a living and how they have so much money. He tries to keep his little sister from being friends with any of the other children on the bus and he even makes racist jokes from time to time. He's the shortest kid in the class and it's quite clear that he's already in stage four of Napoleonic Syndrome. In other words, the kid's obnoxious. I've tried to help VanGoghGirl figure out how to deal with him. At first I suggested that she try reasoning with him. That didn't work. I spoke to their teacher and that didn't help either. Yesterday, I called and spoke to the assistant principal who brought the two children into her office and talked to them about it. Ms. SternButFair says that Hanuman denied ever saying anything insulting to anyone but she wasn't buying it. She told the kids to stay away from and not say anything to each other. Of course, the little jerk still harassed VanGoghGirl on the bus afterwards.

I'm one step from telling her to just punch the little jerk if he gets close to her. No. Seriously, if this lasts a few more days, I'm going to call for a conference with his parents and the Parent/Teacher Liaison. I refuse to allow this little thug to verbally abuse my child for another two semesters.

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