Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dear God, My Neck Hurts!!

Today, a white intersectional feminist--her name is Xenologer and she's a good example of "doin' it right" with regards to being an ally--passed on a link to an amazing declaration called, "I Don’t Want Tim Wise As An Ally. No Thanks." I decided to post my comment here, because it may make it more likely for other people to see and consider it and that would be a good thing.

This is wonderful and absolutely needed. I just wish that even one critique of Tim Wise would include at least a mention of his horrendous ableism. This man has been marginalizing people with disabilities during all of this and I haven't seen a single prominent blog draw attention to this and how it affects the lives of people of color with disabilities vastly more than the lives of white people. We're being killed by folks who think and talk like this man and even my people, my people of color, whom I love so dearly and support, don't seem to notice or speak up or join us when disability rights activists and advocates are talking about it.

I'm just a minor blogger. The only pay I receive for writing is when I'm editing and improving someone else's work. My name doesn't appear no matter how many sentences and paragraphs that I churn out whenever I can even get a writing job. The most I have to show for all of the writing that I've done for over a decade is a little Blogspot address with my personal experiences and views and some guest posts on mainstream white colonial feminist websites.

So, I don't expect any white people to pay attention when folks like me point out the myriad ways this kind of ableism damages, marginalizes and often kills us. I don't expect that most non-disabled folks would be willing to read an entire article or opinion piece by a person of color with disabilities who has to live on the margins, as sister Gloria AnzaldĂșa wrote about. However, I ask this with all sincerity and hope. Please, if you're someone with a voice that people listen to, please consider including a mention of this white man's ableism. Hell, if you can't or don't want to do it yourself, I'll write it for you and you can put your name on it for all I care.

We're dying over here and folks don't seem to notice it.

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