Thursday, August 08, 2013

Mused Magazine and Drew-Shane Daniels Need to Go and Take a Seat

Yesterday, Mused Magazine decided to post Drew-Shane Daniels' very transphobic post ("Forget The Lawsuit, So B. Scott Is 'Transgender' Now?") about B. Scott's decision to sue Black Entertainment Television (BET) for an incident that occurred earlier this year. It pissed me off so much that I decided to pick it apart and address it. I've seen how comments like this can get removed rather quickly, so I'm posting it here, too.

By the way, I'm using male pronouns, because B. Scott's spokesperson said this is his preference.


"With all of that said: one thing he has not been known for until now was self identifying as transgender."

B. Scott never had a responsibility to tell you or anyone else how he chooses to identify.

"It is very irresponsible for B. Scott to claim being trans after all of these years of stanning for androgynous or gender non-conforming."

According to YOU. B. Scott has no responsibility to live up to any one's expectations other than his own.

"I can only hope his actions don’t spiral out of control with assumptions in our community."

You are already spiraling out of control with assumptions about how B. Scott should identify and live his life.

"To be transgender, in the simplest terms, is to have a fluid sexual appearance and/or gender that you self-identify not matching one’s assigned sex."

No. You're simply incorrect.

"Instead of suing for $2.5 million, perhaps B. Scott could have taken the time to educate the community about sexuality and gender identification."

What in the world do those 2 things have to do with each other? If you think the community needs education about sexuality and gender identification, you could start with educating yourself and then stop expecting B. Scott to do what you could do for "the community".

"We have to stop the (white, heterosexual) media from writing our narratives and be willing to tell our own stories at any risk."

Yet, now that B. Scott is telling his own story, folks like you reject it and demand that he tell us something different. You refuse to accept what he has to say about his life. Maybe you'd treat him differently if he was white and heterosexual.

"At the end of the day, I can respect B. Scott’s decision to identify as transgender; however, the timing couldn’t be any better or profitable."

"Better or profitable"? "Better" at a time when transgender people are still being murdered on the streets like they're less worthy of rights than the pets people keep in their yard? "Profitable"? When even prominent transgender folks still struggle to find work and the majority of transgender folks have to deal with housing issues, food insecurity, non-existent health care appropriate for their needs, and the cissexism that's present even in queer communities? Please! Don't get it twisted. B. Scott is taking a very big risk by identifying as transgender and I think that courage should be supported.

"If we want to complain about people policing and making money off our sexuality, we must demand respect from our own."

How about you lead the way by showing some respect for "our own" by quitting with all of the transphobic nonsense you wrote here? That would be a very good start.

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