Saturday, July 27, 2013

My People

It still makes me shake my head when I see white people who get indignant when mixed race folks dare to say anything about our heritage. It makes me even more sad when people of color treat me that way. Even if I could ignore white people who conveniently "forget" that there are mixed race people in this country, it's just incomprehensible when people of color do this.

A few days ago, I was talking to some fellow WOC about how nice it is to be able stand up against baseless charges of racism when random white people decide that simply saying ANYTHING about race makes us racist. I always feel like it's my responsibility to use my (relatively) privileged background to point out that it isn't just Black people or Latin@s who hate white people that feel this way. These challenges that WOC face are also shared by those of us who, through choice or ancestry, share our private lives with white people. I actually feel glad about being able to stand up and support other POC.

Then, I have days like this, when my own people of color make me feel like I should just go ahead and give into the "Tragic Mulatta" role where a person feels like they can't even get other people of color to have their back when crazy random white people pop up in start in with the silly claims that we're being racist. Even after all of these years, it still hurts.

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