Thursday, June 06, 2013

Someone should have told Ellen Sturtz what happens when you show your ass in public.


This amused me to no end. I guess things didn't go as planned for that white privileged heckler who tried to silence her. This heifer had the nerve to later say that she was "taken aback" because after screaming and ranting at her, our First Lady actually approached her and spoke directly to her. I am astounded by the audacity of this woman to expect to be allowed to take over the event that people had paid to attend.

This was at a private event in a private home, where Sturtz was a guest. Now, I know that we take courtesy and the rules of hospitality to a level that Northerners might not understand. However, I have to believe that even in Kalorama, Washington behaving like that when you're a guest in some one's home is just unacceptable. I would have been mortified if someone that I allowed into my home began ranting and screaming at another invited guest. Sturtz is quite lucky that she was only escorted out of the event. I tell my child, "If you show the world your underpants, you shouldn't be surprised if you get kicked in your arse." In other words, if you blatantly disrespect people, there's a very good chance that things might not go well for you in the end.

To top it off, in a later interview, Sturtz said, "I was surprised by how negative the crowd seemed to be. It was actually a little unsettling and disturbing". Well, now doesn't that just take the cake?! She was disturbed and unsettled by negativity from the other guests. These people just watched Sturtz ranting and screaming at our First Lady Michelle Obama and they are the ones being disturbing and negative? I don't think I've seen that kind of projection since I went to a drive-in movie at the end of the last millennium!

Michelle isn't the President! She's not even a politician at all! And even if she was the President, she still couldn't fix what Sturtz wants. Sturtz could have gone to the white guys in Congress who are really withholding her rights. Instead she attacked a woman, because she's mad that the woman's husband won't do her bidding. Even if someone doesn't believe that white privilege played a role here, there's no denying that this was a seriously patriarchal and anti-feminist thing to do. Where was she when Laura Bush was the First Lady and lesbians had even fewer rights than they have now? Why is it she didn't get mad and make this demand until President Obama got into office and Michelle Obama became our First Lady?

Folks like Sturtz and the organization she stands for (GetEqual) make it quite evident why so many People of Color LGBTQIA folks want nothing to do with these white-dominated, white-privileged groups and their pet projects like the so-called "marriage equality". It makes it plain why so many Women of Color want nothing to do with these women like Sturtz who show that they do not have our best interests in mind nor do they even have the respect for us that they demand to be shown.

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