Monday, September 03, 2012

The Morality of Using Undocumented Workers in American Agriculture

Do you honestly think they care whether you think they are entitled to do it? There's a need for the labor and someone willing to fill those positions. In a capitalist system, there's almost nothing you can do to prevent the two from getting together, regardless of what people think about it. I think that if you were in need of labor necessary for the continuance of human life and there were folks who were willing to do that work, then it would be completely moral to allow it. I don't care about their supposed "legal status".

Some Americans don't want to face it but, the reality is that the government CAN'T stop it. Oh, I know we like to believe that a country with a military as big as our can do anything it wants, but that's just wishful thinking. Humans and their ancestors have been migrating for hundreds of thousands of years. What sort of hubris does it take to think that you can suddenly stop them from doing that? Look at all of the inhospitable places where humans have chosen to settle. Monsoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, year 'round snow, baked and parched deserts...People have gone to these places and decided that they looked like a great place to make a living for themselves. Do you honestly think that a wall or a few rules or some folks patrolling with guns can stop humans from going some place? If humans were that easy to thwart, we wouldn't still exist on this planet.

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