Saturday, May 12, 2012

To White LGBTQIA Folks Complaining About Homophobia in "The Black Church"

Actually, it's white church leaders who make up the majority of those complaining and threatening the President. You're just choosing to focus on the minority, which is convenient and predictable scapegoating. You're justified in not being impressed by them, just as I am justified in not being impressed by you.

It's so typical to see people avoid actually making real changes by ignoring those who are truly oppressing LGBTQIA folks. Instead, you participate in the marginalization of LGBTQIA folks like me. Sadly, there are many, many white LGBTQIA folks who would rather try to shift blame to people of color in order to avoid confronting the fact that it is other white people who are truly oppressing them. It's just so much easier to say that it's the Blacks, isn't it?

Have you forgotten the fact that Obama comes from "the black church" with "black church leaders"? Yet he has supported LGBTQIA folks more than any white religious President ever bothered to do. It was "the black church" that produced this President whose morals push him to seek equality for LGBTQIA people.

If what you said about "the black church" was true, then why has it always included and welcomed LGBTQIA folks into its hierarchy? If you were educated about "the black church", you'd know about the ubiquitous traditional roles that LGBTQIA play in their traditions. It sure as heck doesn't exist in the modern white evangelical churches that dominate this society.

I guess it would be asking too much for folks like you (white LGBTQIA folks who put themselves out there by whining about the presence of homophobia in Black churches), to actually ally with LGBTQIA people of color. While LGBTQIA people of color work to change the churches that kept them alive even when white LGBTQIA folks were perfectly content to see slavery and Jim Crow laws, people like you just sit there complaining and acting as if all of this activism doesn't exist.

Some days I just have to shake my head at the hypocrisy and un-examined privilege within white-dominated LGBTQIA communities.

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Elizabeth McClung said...

Thanks for listing the QIA - I haven't found many churches either for or against who know how to deal with Queer or Intersex, but hearing that it exists is better than the silence. I have and am not having the best of luck with white churches myself, though the ones who are clued in enough to avoid talking about gays, still tell stories of how they sacrifice themselves by talking or visiting the sex workers, the drug dealers and the disabled. Sometimes 'the dying' gets mixed in too, between 'criminals' and 'mentally ill'. I just wish someone would send the individuals who seem sincere in a desire to care or help others that a life live with stereotypes isn't helping. A model you mention with representation in traditions and hierarchy would be affirming, I would imagine. To bad this city, the capital, doesn't have a Black church - but that's the city's issue, it also tore up th grounds where Pride is held as well this year).