Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well, Kanye WAS a Jackass!

Some people have criticized President Obama for calling Kanye West a jackass and then, recently, reaffirming that this is his opinion.

Since he's a dad (more than just a father) to two lovely girls, I can see why President Obama would dislike what Kanye did. I have yet to see President Obama behave in an ungentlemanly or rude manner toward a young lady. Swift was receiving one of the biggest honors of her career, but Kanye's actions spoiled that moment for her. That's the G.R.I.T.S. reason why I agree with the President speaking out.

The "feminist" in me agrees, because it was obvious that what Kanye did was an act of machismo over a woman AND he did it before an audience of thousands of people across the USA who watched it. I really dislike Taylor's music--I prefer jazz--but, I am also a WOMAN and I did NOT agree with this misogynistic act. Feminists often ask, "Where are the men who disagree with misogyny?". Well, I'm happy to say there's at least one man like that sitting in the White House, right now.

As a person of color, I saw what Kanye did and couldn't stop shaking my head. Those of us who aren't multi-millionaires are forced to deal with the stereotypes that Kanye contributed to. It's hard enough having to pay the "black tax", without folks like Kanye engaging in behavior that seem to give credence to negative stereotypes. President Obama's comment was much appreciated, because he showed that there are Black men who do not behave that way and actually condemn it.

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