Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Difference Between Liberal and Right-Wing Parenting

So, today I was online and I saw a picture that someone had posted of their kid holding an alligator.

The caption read, "his gator was a liberal so we had to put a rubber band over it's mouth to get it to shut up". Of course, I responded to it, in kind.
They didn't muzzle the gator because it was a liberal. They muzzled it, because chicken-hawk right-wingers teach their kids to be cowards, just like them.

Here's my liberal kid:

She's not so afraid of the world that I have to try and shield her from anything that's different from her.
Maybe that was shooting fish in a barrel, but I guess I'm just in that kind of mood today...Besides, ya' gotta admit that my daughter's picture was absolutely perfect for this.


risa bear said...

And she looks happy instead of controlling/alienated. I feel immediately this is someone I can trust.

bayoucreole said...

Yes it is! I am so loving her picture!!