Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Georgia Thinks Shaming Children Sounds Like a Great Campaign

HuffPo features an article about a new campaign going on in Georgia. They titled it, "Georgia Anti-Obesity Ads Say "Stop Sugarcoating" Childhood Obesity". I think that's disingenuous. It's actually a campaign to shame children who are considered obese and their parents. The picture you see here is just one of their ads.

I think it's disgusting and abusive. That ad is just the tip of the iceberg for these hateful people. They've managed to come up with several others that are just as bad and some that are much worse. I'm not going to post them here, because I just don't want to see that on my blog. However, the HuffPo article shows them and anyone who wants to see them that can look there.

My daughter is skinny. I'm talking about size 0-2 skinny. Honestly, it's mostly because of genes. She's never dieted a day in her life. She eats a lot, even for a teen (she plays soccer and has to eat a lot to have enough energy to perform at her peak). In fact, because she eats so much and she's so skinny, she has had numerous girls confide to her that they "binge and purge". They see how much she eats and how skinny she is and they think that she must do it too. They want to know what techniques she uses, so that they can try it, too.

It's scary. These kids are desperate enough to nearly kill themselves, because of the shame they have been made to feel. Shame doesn't make them get skinnier. It makes them get suicidal. Is that what people want? It's certainly one way to reduce the number of obese kids in America, now isn't it?

The goal shouldn't be to make kids lose weight. The goal should be to help them get and stay healthy. People need to learn the difference­. Sadly, most would rather be judgmental toward a group that's easily vilified, than to put their money where their mouth is and provide the funds necessary to create a healthier society.

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Rootietoot said...

Well it's simple really, fat people are stupid, that's how they got to be fat, right? Only skinny people are attractive, right? That's what the media says, so it must be true.
In all seriousness, this ad campaign kinda horrifies me. I live in Georgia. I was called fat when I was growing up (also ugly...even relatives said "it's a good thing you're smart because you'll never be pretty" as if the 2 were mutually exclusive).
I want to gather up every little girl in Georgia and teach them that they are worthy because they are worthy. Not because they're built this way or have that kind of hair or their house is on the 'right' side of the tracks. But it won't ever happen like that because people have their stereotypes, and that includes the one that says fat people are ugly and stupid. Which is enough to make girls willing to do desperate things to keep from being thought of as such.

honestly here lately, people are making me nuts.