Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why They Say That Being LGBQIA is a Choice

I was on a website today and there was an article about how Herman Cain (one of the Republican wannabe Presidential nominees) is standing firm with his belief that being gay is a choice and is something that can "wash off". Someone on the thread said that they couldn't understand why this rhetoric works. He pointed out that these are the same folks who claim to revere the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and these are documents that protect, defend, and celebrate the freedom to make choices. His question was: Therefore, even if being gay is a choice, shouldn't these folks also be supportive of people choosing to be gay?

Well, I'll tell you why I think that the "It's a choice" rally cry works. It's because they are just as against choice as they are against nature. When women say, "Yes, everyone should be entitled to make choices about their own body", these same clowns explain what comes after "It's a choice!". At that point, they make it quite clear that you must only choose what THEY think constitutes an acceptable option.

I don't think that the "ick" factor even has much to do with it. You know why? Because the majority of people who engage in behaviors that these fundamentalists go around calling "gay s*x", aren't gay at all. LGBQIA people aren't having nearly as much non-vanilla sex as hetero people are. Oh yeah, I know there are a few hetero folks out there who still only do it with their married spouse, missionary style, with the lights off, and their nightclothes still on. But most folks? Not even!

I grew up in a fundamentalist right-wing cult that is among the strictest of the strict and let me tell ya' something? What were most people kicked out of the church for? Sexual sins! It was folks who were simply doing the stuff that homo sapiens enjoy doing. The not-so-secret truth was, you didn't get kicked out for doing the buttsekks and other non-vanilla activities. You got kicked out for letting people find out that you were doing it. It was the appearance of disobedience that gets you in trouble with the clergy.

These fundamentalists are all about appearances. They'll do all the same stuff as everyone else, but they will persecute the hell out of us just to try to appear to be holier or more righteous and pure of heart than the rest of humanity.

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Elizabeth McClung said...

After being closeted for a LONG time, and against the advice of the other gay aspect of the church (the fairly hefty 25% of the church), I came out, but wasn't having sex. But was kicked out. So no, it has nothing to do with sex. Lesbian couples don't have sex every hour not at work, yet end up being thought of only in terms of sex, sexual positions, not even orientation sadly, just the sex.

I was thinking today (while in a fever), that I will have to leave the 'born gay' because culturally the arguement isn't historically or geographically sound. In Japan, ALL men, much as ALL women or a large percentage of them, are considered pro-having sex with someone pretty or attractive and that will probably be someone of your gender while young. I can't quite think of what Ceasar would say, except maybe that same sex of the mentor system is one of the benefits of priviliage (an arguement to use for the conservatives?), as it deepens the ties of both pleasure and politics.

Going around the world, it isn't who does and doesn't have same sex, but the percentage that are open about it, and in the cultures that are, that can be between 40-100%. Or perhaps Lawrence of Arabia was all about...the quality of whips or something. Spartans practiced 14 years of same sex relations to improve moral BEFORE heterosexual sex. Plato amoung others talk at length on the joys of young boys. Daniel was not just a favorite to the king (sexually) but to the chief Eunuch, as were his three friends and the other 'comely' lads brought to serve at kings table.

I just don't know enough history of parts of Asia and Africa to bring up examples outside China, Japan, The areas of Roman Empire and before, the empires of Africa on the mediterrian, and some of North and South America for a couple thousand years (I have the books, I have the reproductions of original writings and translations, but not time enough to read them all).

But for the US it seems that it 'must' be birth or choice (and choice means morality as apparently all choice including what I have to drink, grape or orange, has morality, and so grape shall be no more - they did that didn't they with prohibition....and still they don't learn?). I can show that no ex-gay report on any therapy works, even the mormon in house stuff, I can show why that makes it illegal in the EU. I can show that even the 'choice' people or groups have attested that people are 'fixed' in orientation by age 10 at the latest. And I can show illogical treatment of people over the age of 10 by the same. But I can't speak for every LGBQ person in the world. Particularly those who have been having sex based on age (including a giant rise of lesbians in nursing the USA!).