Friday, September 30, 2011

Wall Street Mocks Protesters By Drinking Champagne

I swear, I thought this was a satirical video made by The Onion or some such source. That this is real, that they were actually doing this, makes me furious. They might as well have taken out some fiddles and started strumming them, too. Do they really not see that their house is on fire? These folks must want to go down with it, like on the Titanic. There are some people you can't even save from themselves.

My family contains a lot of small business owners, including my father. He taught me that when you're the boss and you have to make an unpopular decision that's going to affect all of your employees, you should maintain a low profile afterward. You know, because you don't want to make the workers so mad that they all quit or feel like maybe they should just steal or sabotage the company in some other way.

I always thought that it was kind of screwed up advice. I felt like it was just dodging workers who had good reason to be pissed off. When I look at it now, it still seems a bit unethical, but at least it makes good BUSINESS sense. I mean, if your goal is just to make money, then getting away with as much as you can is rational.

I looked at this video and all I can think is: This is WHY our economy got so screwed up by them. They may be rich, but they don't even have basic business sense. They are building a house of cards and then jumping up and down all around it. What we see now in the protests was bound to occur, given the sneering arrogance these people don't even try to disguise.

Please, if this disturbs you as much as it does me, then pass this video around. Show it to everyone you know who's struggling to make ends meet right now. Show it to older folks who have been down-sized or are now afraid to leave a really terrible job for fear of becoming permanently unemployed. Show it to your kids, so that they know why solidarity between workers in all fields is vital to thwart the racketeers who have created this kleptocracy.

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Daisy Deadhead said...

WOW, yes, I will.

When the rich Lake Shore Drive people came out to gape at us in Chicago during a demo once, we shouted "Jump!"

Those kids are too nice.