Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I Can't Even Say What I Want to Tell This Woman

Teabagger Kate O'Beirn thinks that we should end the school lunch program and that any parent who can't "rustle up a bowl of cereal and a banana" for their child is criminally negligent.

Could someone please tell this waste of carbon that school lunches are a public health concern? Hungry, malnourished children are more susceptible to diseases. Having an entire subset of the population that is going hungry AND can't get health care represents a danger to EVERYONE. And, let me tell ya', if things get bad enough, people with money shouldn't be too sure that the poor won't rise up and do what the French did.

I like living in my comfy, well-heated home with the stocked pantry that I can look through and still go to McDonald's if I feel like it. I love my pretty daughter and buying her pretty clothes for various social events. Even if I didn't give a dern about other people's children--I do care, but this is for the sake of example--it would still make sense for me to at least ensure those kids had enough to eat each day. Hunger is enough to make any person irrational and irrational people don't care about my suburban comforts.

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Laurie said...

It's a pity that school lunches aren't healthier to begin with, but they are certainly healthier than nothing at all; or some of the options a single parent working two jobs might be able to provide as she/he rushes out the door.

That's a ridiculous notion she has.