Monday, October 11, 2010

What Will Follow the Dehumanization of Muslims Throughout Western Society

Thanks to my dear sister Aaminah, I read an article today about some alarming legal measures that are being taken in Canada right now.
Bad news comes in bunches. First there was Quebec's Bill 94, which would refuse government services, public employment, educational opportunities and even most medical care to Muslim women wearing the niqab. Then there was the Angus Reid poll showing that 80 per cent of all Canadians agree with this measure. Evidently Abe Lincoln was right. You can fool (almost) all the people some of the time. You can fool them into unreasonable persecution of their fellow citizens.
-No Room at the Inn for Veiled Women? Get Real, Canada!
I don't know how I hadn't heard about this before; maybe it's because I've been busy marveling over the islamophobic atrocities going on in France right now. To hear that these measures have crept this close to home, without me knowing about it, just makes me shiver. How did 80% of Canadians become this virulently xenophobic before my very eyes?

I feel like I/we are witnessing a very frightening movement gaining steam. The widespread isolation of Muslims from the very populations that they have been born and raised in has already occurred. The dehumanizing treatment towards them is, evidently, already acceptable to the majority of people within nearly all of Western society (and our little satellite, Israel). I honestly don't know what else could follow except what has always followed when this pattern takes place. Is there anyone reading this who isn't aware of what happens after a minority has been successfully dehumanized by the population they are in?


queen emily said...

I totally agree with you, the steady increase of Islamophobia recently has been scaring the crap out of me. The dehumanising rhetoric about suspending the rights of Muslims is wrong in itself *and* it bodes badly for the future...

romham a bear said...

and somehow so many people still wonder why things like this story about the bullying and assaults of a young Muslim continue

So much easier to call it a glitch in, as opposed to a reflection of, the system.

libhom said...

I think many people in the West see face covering by Muslim women as a misogynist and authoritarian practice. Also, people have a visceral fear in Western cultures regarding anyone who covers his or her face, a fear which has applied mostly to situations having nothing to do with religion until recently.

I think there is a serious problem with Islamophobia, but I don't think that 80% of Canadians are Islamophobic.

Becky said...

Quebec isn't exactly Canada like in Toronto and everything else up there that speaks English as their primary language. Quebec and the rest of Canada have had major disagreements over language and just about everything else. They primarily speak French in Quebec you see. They feel like a discriminated against minority, so of course they turn around and dump on another group.