Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Eva Cassidy Memories

I discovered Eva Cassidy's music when I was in treatment for my cancer. She became a sort of patron saint for me. Her music gave me strength to keep going, even when the doctors told me that my cancer was incurable. Seeing how Cassidy fought her cancer with grace and courage to her dying day inspired me to keep on fighting.


AMY MARASH said...

Hi Bint! I'm glad you like Eva too. My husband made this story about Eva Cassidy for the "old" Nightline on ABC NEWS:


bint alshamsa said...


Wow! That is an amazing video! It's so hard to find information about Eva on the internet. I've never seen your husband's story on her, so I thank you so much for sending me a link to it. I love seeing Eva's parents and friends describe who she was as a person. Although, I guess that's the most anyone can do, because her music speaks for itself.

Please feel free to drop by again anytime and share anything you find about Eva Cassidy. I'd like to believe I'm one of her biggest fans (but I'm sure there are some who might want to fight me for that title). Take care!