Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh no! There are Scary Brown People on Your Interwebz!

Today, a woman that I went to high school with was on Facebook talking about how she and her kids just watched an episode of Dateline that was all about this newest "online epidemic": gangs using Facebook and Twitter to recruit new members and organize their nefarious activities. Some people on her feed thought that she was joking, so she posted this link to a news story on the subject. I took a look at it and just felt so frustrated.

I mean, it's such crap! Okay, what does the picture of young men of color have to do with this story? Given the fact that there are wayyyyyy more white folks on Facebook and Twitter, why don't they have a picture of some white people, if they just wanted to add a random photo? See, it's articles like this that make our children into targets for the police regardless of whether they are guilty of anything. Ugh!

By the way, what's new about this crap? Before cell phones and the internet, people were using beepers and graffiti. Before that, people were using scarves and handkerchiefs. Before that, they were using word of mouth. This isn't anything new. I swear, the media is always trying to get white good, law-abiding folks all whipped up into a frenzy, making them think that there are some scary black or brown people they need to be afraid of.

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