Friday, April 09, 2010

My Garden Updates

My African daisies are perking up again. The English ivy that I re-planted seems to be enjoying the sunlight, now that it is outside. The lilies seem to like the shade beneath the patio cover. The little greenhouses aren't showing much growth yet, though. The tulips have come to the end of their life-span; it's time to dig up the bulbs and store them until autumn.

The German is still trying to coax the grass to grow while keeping the weeds under control. He put the fountain together yesterday and it's really quite lovely. He's going to have to adjust the pump a bit, though that can wait while we gather the supplies we're going to use to put down paving stones this weekend.

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voz said...


That sounds like the beginnings of a beautiful garden you have going on there.

I've not seen you on twitter much, and I just popped by to say Hi. I hope you're doing well.