Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gardening Progress in our Front Yard

Today, I worked outside in the garden for an hour and a half. I can't do much when the sun is completely out and there are no clouds in the sky, so I had to wait until this afternoon for the shadows (and sun-block) to provide me with a bit more coverage.

The German was off from work today, so he started gardening around noon. He used his big truck to pull all of the Indian Hawthorn bushes out of the ground. They were lining one side of the driveway, from the house to the street. Unfortunately, they weren't well-maintained and, when we moved in, several of them were already dead and the others were in very poor shape. Even after clearing out all of the weeds, they just didn't grow very well. The leaves were yellowing, indicating that they had some kind of disease. Other neighbors on our block told us that they didn't have much luck with Indian Hawthorn either, so it may be that the sun exposure and soil content make it a poor choice for this area.

They didn't look very inviting, either. The three bushes closest to the house were twice the height of the ones that were closer to the street. They blocked the view of our house from the corner, because of how the houses are situated. Pulling them up allows us to see down the street now and The German is less nervous about the possibility of someone hiding over there at night when we're trying to go inside through the garage.

We have decided to replace them with the same Japanese Boxwood that forms a hedge on the other side of the driveway. It grows amazingly well here. We trimmed it when we first moved in, because it had a real shape to it. Since then, it has taken on a very nice look. The bushes are thick and there are no gaps between them. We have to trim them every couple of weeks or else they will grow non-stop. Hopefully, the ones we plant on the other side of the driveway will thrive there.

We also transplanted some plugs of monkey grass from one area to another. The area in the front of the yard where we have put down rose trees and mulch is lined with monkey grass. In some places, it was kind of sparse, so we filled in those spots with what we no longer needed in another part of the yard. We made sure to include the root system and soil plug underneath the grass, in the hopes that this will help them to adjust to the new spot.

VanGoghGirl picked out some Coopers Ice Plants when we were at the store yesterday. We both agreed that the succulent leaves look and feel like lizard tails. The German planted them today, too. They are right at the beginning of the walkway leading from the driveway to the front door. She'll be able to see them every day when she comes home from school. We put them in an area by themselves, because we read that they can sometimes grow too well, becoming an invasive species that can overtake the plants next to them by using the majority of the nutrients in the ground. We also put mulch around them, to help keep them in spot where we want them.

We have a lot more going on with the side of the house, but I'll write about that later. I felt so good after going out and gardening today, that I might do it again tomorrow if my body allows it. Gardening is good for my soul.


Plain(s)feminist said...

I, too, have been gardening - I have never enjoyed it before, but something about having my own yard that I can do whatever I want with has made it very interesting. I really liked reading about what you are doing - I hope you post more about this!

Mary Henderson said...

I definitely agree! Gardening is good for the soul, and also good for the body. It will do you good to be gardening often. For me, gardening is one of the activities that make me happy. It's gratifying to see I have caused something to grow. It also inspires me to write.