Monday, March 08, 2010

Vanessa Williams Calls out the latest 'White Savior' Movie

Today on Facebook, Monchel Deshawn posted a link to a video segment of The View where Vanessa Williams speaks out about why The Blind Side isn't original and contributes to stereotypes about black people.

Vanessa Williams Bashes 'The Blind Side' on 'The View' (VIDEO) - Inside TV

Of course, there are folks like Barbara Walters who want us all to pretend as if we live in some sort of alternate universe where the media doesn't have a long-standing historical role in maintaining and propagating racist stereotypes, a world where history plays no role in what we see today. Is it any surprise that this is a view that benefits the (white) people like Barbara who express it? Notice how she felt the need to cut Williams off and then get indignant when Williams tried to go back to making her point.

People like Barbara Walters (and several of the people on the site hosting the video) don't want to stop and consider why these kinds of stories get attention and others don't. How many movies can you name where the rich black family helped the poor homeless white kid or the nice black teacher comes to the assistance of white kids who are in failing schools? Yet, I can name bunches of movies that are nothing more than variations of this White Savior meme.

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