Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hurray for Safe Sex at the Winter Olympics

The broadsheet at Salon has an article about the sexier aspects of the Winter Olympics that a lot of folks might not be aware of. Another Olympics, another 100,000 condoms talks about how many condoms were distributed to athletes
"Canada’s National Post reported last week that the supply of 100,000 free condoms distributed to about 7,000 athletes and officials had been dangerously depleted. That’s right: 14 free condoms per person? Not enough! Either there were some serious water balloon fights, or the athletes in Vancouver were champions in the sack as well as on the ice. An emergency shipment of another 25,000 johnnies sped its way to Vancouver, courtesy of the Canadian Foundation for AIDS research. Rocketing down icy slopes must be pretty good for the libido."
Some people might be a bit shocked by this, but I'm just glad that the Canadian government made sure that these were available to those who obviously needed them. I wish other program organizers would take similar steps whenever they are hosting a large festival. Athletes aren't the only people who like to party hard when they go out of town.

I used to work as a pharmacy technician at a drugstore many years ago. The busiest time of the year was the first week following The Bayou Classic weekend. New Orleans is home to seven universities and several colleges and the Bayou Classic was an even bigger deal to many of them than Carnival. Every year, people (mostly college students) would turn up at the pharmacy in the days following that weekend with prescriptions for the STD (sexually transmittable diseases) that they had acquired.

It was unbelievable to me the first time I saw it for myself. The number of customers who came in needing medications for several STDs that they'd acquired in one weekend was scary. Some of the workers at the pharmacy had a name for folks like that; they called them "cocktail lovers". It was very sad to see, because so much of it was avoidable. Of course, you can't force people to use condoms, but this article shows that, if they are made available, many people will use them.

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Rootietoot said...

I don't know why people get so all shocked about this. They're athletes, fit, young, pumped up and excited. Sex probably is (what we call here) Heckalicious...and it's the most important event of their young lives. Good on Canada for making sure they don't come away with more than medals and awesome memories.