Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feministing Fail

How not to have a conversation about international adoptions:

Adoptees of Color Speak Out Against International Adoption of Haitian Children

This comment was a real gem:

One friend of mine ( 'asian' by your standards) is also decended from a Revolutionary War vet. Yep, the family has been American since the moment there was a USA.

But maybe you think they should have 'stayed with their kind' 200+ years ago.

Of course, I replied.
Plenty of us who are the descendants of Native Americans actually DO wish that the people who came and killed off our people and stole, I mean "adopted", their children truly do wish that these colonizing "well-intentioned" imperialists would have stayed with their own kind. History has shown us what happens when Europeans and European-Americans swoop in and take children who are people of color away from their culture. They benefit at the expense of POC.
The wheel barrel full of fail that is the comment section on Feministing exemplifies why I make it a point not to visit that site at all. This time, I broke my own policy and looked at it after seeing a link to it on another site that was also talking about the Haitian children who were abducted by the "Christian" missionaries.

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Maegan la Mala said...

ay gracias for reminding me why I do not visit that site.