Monday, November 09, 2009

The Savoie Abduction Case

Okay, so this American (Christopher Savoie) moved to Japan. While he was there, he married a Japanese woman (Noriko ____). During the time that he lived in the country, Christopher became a citizen of Japan and he and Noriko had two children together. After twelve years of marriage, Christopher and Noriko split up. Noriko tried to get Christopher to agree to a divorce, but he refused. In 2008, a year after they broke up, Christopher (now a Japanese citizen) moved back to the United States. In other words, he abandoned his wife and children in their country of origin, where they have always resided.

In 2009, Noriko came to the United States with the two children. This article fails to point out that she and Christopher were still married at the time. It also leaves off what other articles have claimed: that Christopher lured Noriko over to the United States by saying that he wanted to try and get back together. It turned out that he had been involved with his high school sweetheart (who was also married at the time), since before she arrived. Soon after she arrived, he served her with divorce papers. A month after the divorce was final, he married the woman that he had been having the affair with.

Even though the courts awarded her full custody, Noriko was ordered to remain in the USA so that Christopher could have periodic visits with the children. Noriko isn't from the USA. She didn't have any support system here. When Christopher decided to divorce her, he was abandoning her for the second time. After trying to make things work for several months, only to be constantly subjected to harassment from Christopher and his next wife, Noriko moved back to Japan with her children.

Christopher decided that Noriko shouldn't be allowed to raise her children back in their homeland. Since he couldn't force Noriko to come back, this asshole decided to go to Japan and attempt to kidnap the children and take them back to the USA. It almost worked. He found Noriko walking with the two kids and physically grabbed them from their mother, shoved them into a car and made a mad dash for the US Embassy. Fortunately, before he could get inside, the Japanese authorities caught and arrested him and the children were returned to their mother.

Now, can someone explain to me why it is this man thinks that he should be able to abandon his wife, twice, and be able to force her to stay in the USA? He became a Japanese citizen. He got married in Japan. Noriko and the children are from Japan. He abandoned her and the children in Japan and then left to go live in another country.

According to the way that American media are reporting this story, we're supposed to believe that Noriko abducted the children. Uh, no she didn't. She and the children went back home, to Japan. That is where they had all lived for the majority of their lives. That is their home and it's also where the people who supported them after Christopher abandoned the family still reside. She went back to the place where those children could be surrounded by people who never abandoned them. If Christopher was so interested in being able to see his kids, he could have chosen to stay in Japan or he could have moved back to Japan. If Christopher wanted Noriko to live close to him, then he shouldn't have abandoned her and the children in the first place.

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