Tuesday, October 20, 2009

There's a Rep for that

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Sean G (AKA - Papa Giorgio), M.A.T.S. said...


This is in part a response to one mention during the Rep. Bachmann's statement about "submission." While I do not expect Miss Alshamsa to defend a video produced by others than herself, I do wish to at least show that there are reasonable answers to misconceptions commanly held by those on the Left.

(Side-note: I am not here saying that there are not misconceptions by those held on the right, as if I am less fallible that the next guy or gal next to me. The Biblical worldview in fact tells me that I will continue to fail, be rebellious, infect good thinking with my own fallen-prideful thinking, etc. That aside, I do think one can come to some sort of concensus on particular matters... it just takes resources that many neglect due to their worldview and commonly held assumptions.)

The link here goes to a partial excerpt from my proposed book (soon to be published). I took some time to format it as best as possible to Blogger. I think it will shed some light on some of the radical views found in modern feminism as well as allaying some misconceived aspects and contributions by Christianity. Enjoy and take some time to thoughtfully read through what I posted. It is ripped from my larger thinking on the subject, but you will have to purchase the book to see if I do the subject justice... which the Gospel will already answer you in saying I will let you down. God Bless, PapaG: