Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why HIV/AIDS in America is a Black Disease

CarlosQC from the Two Spirits One blog just posted an interview he had with Phill Wilson, founder and Executive Director of the Black AIDS Institute. As Wilson points out in the interview, "The Black AIDS Institute is the only National HIV/AIDS think tank...that focuses exclusively on black people". In the interview, Wilson talks about the HIV/AIDS statistics among black community.
Black people represent roughly 12% of the population and yet we represent nearly 50% of the estimated 1.2 million Americans with AIDS. We represent nearly 50% of the annual HIV/AIDS deaths. We represent nearly 50% of the new HIV/AIDS cases in this country. We're 30% of the cases among gay men. Black people are 40% of the cases among men, over 2/3 of the cases among women. We're 63% of the new cases among infants in pediatrics and we're 70% of the new cases among adolescents.
I wish there was a transcript of the interview, which is ten minutes long, because it is about a disability issue and it would be nice if people who are deaf/hard of hearing could have access to it, too. Still, if you can listen to it, it's definitely worth watching.

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libhom said...

Thank you for posting this. People need to keep bringing up AIDS, especially when the media are keeping quiet.