Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What's so Hard About Inclusion?

via Asperger Square 8 along with a hat tip to CripChick

Okay, this is the best video about disability that I've seen in months. It's a little less than three minutes long, so if you only have a little time to spend visiting this blog, skip the other posts and watch this video. It captures so much of what people with disabilities go through on a daily basis. It's called "Top Shelf". Watch this. It may change your life and, if you let it, it could make life a whole lot easier for me and my people. Let me know what you think after you watch it.


Gaeilge said...

i'm trans(ftm)
i wanted to say thanks for being an ally, and sorry that the racist things said to you by a woman of color of my community were said.

it also seems like the comment was "erased" off the website(WM) as well as all of the others, if i'm not mistaken...

i can't believe the things "leaders" and "advocates"
feel they can get away with, things that would be banned off PHB, bilerico, etc as trolling or hate speech.
this statement is from MR's own site:

“We can’t help the fact that some of you are frothing at the mouth and bitter about the fact that you’re home alone and some of my sisters not only look better than you, some of them are in satisfying long term relationships with biomen despite having five inches of neoclit in their lace panties.

If y’all would check those jacked up attitudes, you might get to use that neocoochie from time to time and not only feel a man inside you, you’ll get to experience what an orgasm feels like.”


she also says:
"What I do reflects on you
What you do reflects on me
What WE do reflects on the ENTIRE gay community.

That was the text of a sign that used to hang in various Houston gay clubs in our Montrose gayborhood. It was a reminder to all of the club patrons that like it or not, you are now a minority and the rules changed from the 'rugged individualist' selfish behavior you used to exhibit on a daily basis. Whether you liked it or not, you were part of a community of people "
i have decided to not let this sort of verbal oppression go on with out comment.

so, i'm sorry. and thanks.
most T people do NOT condone what was said to you, or what she says re/ hbs/post op T women.
sorry to invade your space,
i hope i didn't.
but since the WM comments have all been "dissapered" wierdly by the owner it leaves me no online recourse...
and the comments that i'm talking about are gone...
i only hope you got an apology, from them.

pineapple said...

Video isnt working is there a link?