Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Republican Candidate Chris Christie Advocates Health Care Rationing

I wish I could have been there to hear this stupid man talk.

"The exception is for people to have cancer in their twenties. That is an exception"

Uh, what? Excuse me? Where the hell has this man been hiding? This man is proof that knowing someone with cancer doesn't make you an expert on health care issues. Chris Christie is arguing that insurance companies shouldn't be forced to pay for mammograms for women. According to Christie, since people in their twenties don't have cancer, they don't need their insurance company to pay for mammograms. Does that make sense to you? If it does, then I suppose I should break this down for you.

If a woman is in her early twenties, she may still be covered by her parent's health insurance. Some health insurance companies allow people to remain dependents on their parent's plan if they are under 25 and in college. Perhaps she was smart enough and wealthy enough to purchase insurance on her own (while she was still healthy) after she no longer qualified as a dependent. Perhaps she has a full-time job and receives health insurance through her employer. There are all sorts of ways where a woman in her twenties could end up in the situation where she needs to have a mammogram covered by the insurance that someone is paying for.

Now, what do you think happens if her insurance company won't pay for the care she needs? She'll be forced into a situation where she may have to pay for those tests or treatments and continue paying for the insurance that was supposed to provide her with coverage. If she can't afford to do both, what do you suppose happens next? Why would she continue to pay for something and get nothing in return? If she drops that insurance company and still requires care, who do you think will have to pay for it? Here's a hint: You!

The idea that people having cancer in their twenties is an exception is absolutely laughable. I and many, many others I know experienced just that. In fact, there are thousands of people in the USA who are diagnosed with cancer even younger than that. If insurance companies are allowed to deny treatment based on the age of the patient, then that is rationing and it's hypocritical for politicians to rant and rave about the possibility of government rationing when they are openly advocating for insurance companies to be allowed to continue doing just it.

You know what, though? I'm glad to hear him making these ignorant comments. I think that people with disabilities deserve to know what these candidates think before we go to the polls. If they can get elected without proving that they have a educated position about disability and health care issues, then what impetus is there for paying attention to us once they are in office? We need to be like the woman in this video and speak up when our voices are most powerful.


blessd1 said...

Thanks for posting, this, Bint. I'm glad you are exposing this @$$.

Penny L. Richards said...

Aren't there some cancers that are actually MORE prevalent in young adults? Does this guy really think all cancer risk is based on age alone? Grrrrr..... you're right, this whole issue is really showing how many elected officials are completely ignorant about basic economic realities concerning health, disease, and disability.

Carl said...

You think this guy is bad from your perspective... for us folks here in Jersey, he could be our next Governor!

Scary thought...

libhom said...

I am so sick of Goppers trying to come up with excuses for denying medical care to people.