Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Young Con(men)

Does anyone remember these guys? A purportedly hip hop group called The Young Cons recently received some attention after posting a video on YouTube espousing what's supposedly "conservative values". My curiosity got the better of me and I actually watched the entire video, despite the hilarity inherent in any attempts by two white wannabe basketball stars from Dartmouth College trying to create a hip hop anthem. If there are any aspiring filmmakers out there, may I suggest that you seriously consider this plot line for your next production?

Anyway, it seems the Young Cons have created a second straight-to-YouTube video called "Power of the Individual". On their website, they explain why they created this song.
We made the video because we feel the “Power of the Individual” has been the driving force of our country for the last 250 years and lately it seems individuals are portrayed as victims in a society that is moving towards collectivism at a frightening rate. We wanted to remind people how our country was able to become the superpower it is today and hopefully inspire the younger generation to realize they are in control of their own destinies.
Personally, I think this one should have been entitled, "The Young Cons: Ensuring That the Republican Failboat Never Runs Out of Gas".

I probably wouldn't even have bothered with writing about this--Lord knows I haven't been feeling all that motivated to blog, lately--if I hadn't seen this video featuring progressive blogger and former U.S. Marine, Mike Stark, interviewing these two clowns at a recent Young America's Foundation convention. Check it out for yourselves. Watching Stark expose how little these two know about the man (Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan) they idolize.

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"The Young Cons: Ensuring That the Republican Failboat Never Runs Out of Gas".