Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Health Care Rhetoric Directed Toward Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

Today this video started making the rounds on the internet. It features a woman reading a little script about health care that she brought to a town hall meeting with (D-TX) Representative Sheila Jackson Lee. Take a look at it and enjoy gawking at Teh Enormous Stupid.


I'm a cancer survivor and I support the health insurance reform that's being suggested, so it's safe to say that this woman's words don't represent the views of cancer survivors as a whole. As a matter of fact, since I have multiple disabilities, I can easily out-do the sob story that this woman is trying to pull out of her ass in an attempt to posit herself as the vulnerable Special White Woman being mistreated by the disrespectful negress who isn't listening to her betters.

By the way, nobody is even suggesting that she should be forced to get care through a government program if she doesn't want it. On the video, she's saying that she's unemployed and going through a divorce and facing a situation where she'll need to purchase her own health insurance. Yet, she doesn't want a government solution. If I was at that meeting, I'd ask her if she really believed that the insurance companies were willing to change their policies just so that she can continue to have coverage.

I wonder what she imagines will happen when she loses the coverage that she now has. Does she really not know that even if she managed to find an insurance company that will accept her, she will need money to pay for it? Since she has no employment, there is no company to subsidize part of the cost as some employers do for their workers. Would she really prefer to join the ranks of the 1,000,000+ people who have to file for bankruptcy every year due to their medical care costs instead of making use of government solutions like Medicaid and Medicare? If so, is she really the kind of person that we should be taking seriously? Personally, I could tell she was a dumb-ass when she started her rant by trying to convince Representative Sheila Jackson Lee that it would be wrong to base her decisions on what she believes is good for America. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Why don't we take a look at the impact of health care costs in America? According to the National Coalition on Health Care (the largest non-profit, non-partisan alliance on health care and comprised of over 70 organizations and representing over 150 million Americans),
  • National surveys show that the primary reason people are uninsured is the high cost of health insurance coverage.

  • Economists have found that rising health care costs correlate to drops in health insurance coverage.

  • A recent study by Harvard University researchers found that the average out-of-pocket medical debt for those who filed for bankruptcy was $12,000. The study noted that 68 percent of those who filed for bankruptcy had health insurance. In addition, the study found that 50 percent of all bankruptcy filings were partly the result of medical expenses.

  • Every 30 seconds in the United States someone files for bankruptcy in the aftermath of a serious health problem.

  • A new survey shows that more than 25 percent said that housing problems resulted from medical debt, including the inability to make rent or mortgage payments and the development of bad credit ratings.

  • About 1.5 million families lose their homes to foreclosure every year due to unaffordable medical costs.

  • A survey of Iowa consumers found that in order to cope with rising health insurance costs, 86 percent said they had cut back on how much they could save, and 44 percent said that they have cut back on food and heating expenses.

  • Retiring elderly couples will need $250,000 in savings just to pay for the most basic medical coverage. Many experts believe that this figure is conservative and that $300,000 may be a more realistic number.

  • According to a recent report, the United States has $480 billion in excess spending each year in comparison to Western European nations that have universal health insurance coverage. The costs are mainly associated with excess administrative costs and poorer quality of care.

  • The United States spends six times more per capita on the administration of the health care system than its peer Western European nations.
If this sounds like a system worth maintaining, then I'd love to hear why that is.

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BLESSD1 said...

The sad part is that so many of these folks attending the Town-hall meetings are only there to disrupt, so ther can't truly be an open forum for those who really want to learn and discern the truths and lies being said about the upgrades that the President is trying to make to our current shipwreck of a system.