Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't Wanna Be an American Republican

Sweet Baby Jesu! Just when I think I've seen all the stupid I could handle this week, Katy Abrams comes along and takes ignorance to heights never before seen. Fortunately, tonight's Hardball host (Lawrence O'Donnell from The Huffington Post) takes her to task and exposes her for what she is: just another clueless blow-hard who can't even articulate what she's so-oo-oo angry about. Somebody should tell this Very Special Lady that her 15 minutes of fame came and went at that town hall meeting. The interviews she's done since then have only made her look even more ridiculous.

At the town hall meeting that Abrams attended, she told Senator Specter that this movement towards health insurance reform has "awakened the sleeping giant". I'm doubtful about that, because as this video shows, she's still living in a dream world. She screams and asks Sen. Specter, "What are you going to do to restore this country, back to what our founders created, according to the Constitution?"

Let's see exactly what that would entail. As the O'Donnell points out, Medicare and Medicaid would have to be repealed. However, those aren't the only things that would change. If we went back to what the "founding fathers" created, blacks and Native Americans would no longer be considered people and would (again) allow whites to claim us as their property. Maybe that wouldn't bother Katy Abrams, but there's a lot that would still affect her.

Women, including the white ones, wouldn't be allowed to vote nor would they be allowed to run for political offices. Hell, they wouldn't have any rights at all, if they got married. If they left their husband, for any reason (e.g. he's beating the bejeezus out of you every night, he's forcing you to have sex with him, he's forcing others to have sex with him), they wouldn't have any right to take their children with them nor would they be entitled to any visitation with the children they were forced to leave behind. By the way, if he does beat the living daylights out of her, even if it's to the point of causing permanent bodily damage, she'd be shit out of luck. That would be his right, because she married, a woman became the lawful property of her husband.

She claims that the government is about to tax her even more to pay for this, but she doesn't even know how much money her family makes each year. She claims that programs like "TARP, this health care bill, [and] Cash for Clunkers" are being funded by her. Um, hello? She's unemployed. Exactly how is she funding these programs?

When asked whether she had health insurance, she said she did. However, it's apparent that she doesn't even know what health insurance really is. She has a health savings account, not health insurance. When asked about whether she disbelieves the President when he says that the health insurance reform that he's putting forth would not take away her ability to keep the plan she has, Abrams claimed that she saw President Obama say that "it might take 5 or 10 years, but we will move to a single payer health system".

Not surprisingly, this is absolutely false. It's like those claims that Tommy Hilfiger said that he didn't want people of color buying the clothes he designed. It's a myth, an urban legend. It never happened, but when you're like Abrams and you haven't been paying attention to what goes on around you, you tend to believe crap like this. I mean, she was adamant that she saw this on television and it never occurred. This ignoramus had the chutzpah to laugh out loud and proclaim that she didn't care about 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq because she had "other things going on". So, the fact that over three thousand people perished on 9/11 and more than twice as many people have died as a result of these two wars didn't bother her, but she's OMG indignant about her imaginary income going towards providing for the less fortunate. What a joke!

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