Sunday, June 07, 2009

Today is National Cancer Survivor's Day!!

I plan to write more about my feelings on today, but that's going to have to wait until later, because I am busy celebrating right now. It was a little over seven years ago that a doctor first spotted the tumor in my chest. Back then, I was really worried about who would step in and help The German after I was gone. Now, I'm looking forward to the future and I truly believe that I'm going to see my daughter grow up and have her own kids one day.

I'm just so excited today! This is better than a birthday! Well, I'm off to celebrate now. I'll catch up on here later!

"A lost battle is a battle one thinks one has lost."
-Jean-Paul Sartre

"...become so absolutely free that
your very existence is an act of rebellion."
Albert Camus


Malucho said...

Congratulations from another survivor. Your story has been an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing it on this blog. Much love, *L (aka "Malucho")

Salspua said...

Happy better-than-birthday!!

Wonderful news!!!


I love your quote from Albert Camus!

Bq said...

happy belated birthday!