Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rep. Broun Says Global Warming is a Hoax

I love it when people like Broun stand up and make their stupidity evident. It makes it a lot easier to identify the people we need not take seriously. I wish this video would have shown just who applauded this nonsense, so that we can

It also gives me the lulz when these dumb-asses prove that they have absolutely no idea about how science works. In science, it doesn't matter what someone SAYS. It's the data that proves/disproves ideas and establishes things. Consensus is built through the peer-review process and independent verification of conclusions. In other words, scientists can think whatever they want, but it doesn't affect the facts.

Most of the scientists I've gotten to know over the years believe in some sort of deity. However, that doesn't prove that one exists. Only the facts can do that. They understand the difference between beliefs and facts. To the extent that one's beliefs don't harm others, it's perfectly okay to believe in something that you can't prove. As far as I'm concerned, an it harm none, do as ye will! However, if members of Congress want to establish whether or not humans have induced the climate change that we are now witnessing, then they need to refer to science, not scientists. When a member of Congress bases his support on opinions, instead of facts, it leads to the passing of bad legislation that can only compound the problems they were supposed to fix.

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