Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sense: This Video Makes None

Okay, I grew up in a fundamentalist brand of Christianity and even I can't figure out what the hell this is about. What message were they trying to get across? Is it supposed to convince people that they should want to be Christians? Are they trying to make an argument for forcing everyone to believe that we matter to God, so that fewer white kids will want to shoot people to death? Can someone explain this to me? Does anyone care to take a shot at interpreting this video for me?

Meanwhile, enjoy this de-motivational poster.

Photo Description: A Teen-aged boy, dressed in a tuxedo, stands on a paved sidewalk. From the amount of sun-light, it appears to be mid-day. The boy in the tuxedo is posing for the picture while holding a sewing machine in his left hand. In the background, there are three police officers standing on the sidewalk talking to a man wearing a UPS uniform. A UPS truck is toppled over in the ditch next to the sidewalk where the men stand. Below the photo, a caption reads, "SENSE This picture makes none."


Kai said...

Hmm. Okay lemme see, I'm opening up some cognitive fluidity in here to interpret these things...

I think the video is saying that if you're not a prayerful Christian, you might as well get shot in the head by a delinquent on a deserted rural road where the vultures will pick your corpse for days before anyone finds you. That's how little you matter. Whereas if you find God...well, the video just leaves it with the other scenario, actually, hehe, it's pretty negative and kinda twisted and threatening.

As for the photo, I think what's happening is that the young man is celebrating that the fact that the sewing machine, which is a wedding gift being shipped by a UPS truck which went off the road, has been salvated from the wreck and will make it to the destination after all. A happy ending!

How'd I do? ;-)

bint alshamsa said...

You know, that has got to be the best explanation of that photo that I've ever heard.

With regards to the video, I'm beginning to think that there might not be any non-threatening, non-twisted explanation for it.

belledame222 said...

or as this commenter at the Youtube vid puts it:

This is not an ad for or against Christianity. It's not been put out there to try an convince people to reconsider their faith or convert to Christanity. It's an ad targeted to the sorts of youth who where were featured in the film Jesus Camp. It's very thinly veiled piece of hate speech telling these good little Christian Soldiers that it's acceptable to treat anyone who does not share their faith as less than human.

belledame222 said...

the only other possible explanation I could think of is that it's some Anon-like people using some kid to get people to despise and be outraged by the contemptible "Answers in Genesis" more than they do already. you'd think though if that were the case the AiG people would've said something to that effect by now. I think they really are that stupid and hateful. no outside help needed.

AnnMarie Kneebone said...

"if you don't matter to God..." It's not even, "if God doesn't matter to you."

Even at the height of my fundamentalism I would have thought this ad to be crazy. Even then I believed that everyone mattered to God.