Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ahhh!! Teh Blinding Ignorance

How I ended up on PajamasMedia is an unanswerable question. Anyway, this is such an ignorant post. First of all, the apostrophe is a part of the word. Without it, it's an entirely different word. Of course, the poster would have to be familiar with the subject matter in order to know that and he obviously isn't.

Furthermore, this isn't an example of the West bending over backwards for our Muslim brothers and sisters. This is an example of the West finding ways to make money. Many people who use this index would simply refrain from participating in the market if they couldn't find corporations that meet their standards. The existence of indicies like this one attract potential investors and THAT is why they were created, not because people in the West are inclined to make our society as pleasant and welcoming as possible to Muslims.


dmarks said...

I have no problem with Shariah as long as it is entirely voluntary and is kept out of government (except as recommendations that are never enforced). But like with any law that forces faith on people, it has no place in government.

bint alshamsa said...


I think that it should be up to the people within a nation to decide what should and shouldn't be a part of their government. If the people want shariah to be a part of the government, then those outside of the country have no business interfering with that.