Thursday, January 08, 2009

MC Flow: "Created Equal" (about Prop 8)

MC Flow is a hip hop artist from New York, now residing in California. She wrote this to express her feelings about waking up on November 5th and finding out that Prop 8 had passed. It's really passionate and beautiful and worth watching.


Unknown said...

Yes, that was good, brought a tear to my eye, it did.

But I've got to ask the question ... Where's the T (trans)? Like so many cis queer ppl, she ignores our existence. (tho maybe I am, in this case, judging unfairly since I've not watched any of her other work)

Héctor Portillo said...

This the one that LR bashed?

bint alshamsa said...


I haven't heard any of her other songs so I'm not sure what she usually raps about. Unfortunately, this video doesn't address the bigotry faced by transgendered people and how discrimination against them is written into the law code. Who is going to speak up for the transgendered community? It would be amazing if there were more people willing to be allies to and advocate with people who are transgendered. I just don't see it happening. I also don't really see anyone speaking up for families like mine where the laws make us choose between getting health care or getting married.

Why are the protests limited to how the laws affect lesbian and gay couples?

bint alshamsa said...


Yeah, this is the one. I thought it was quite good.

Héctor Portillo said...

It's beautiful

Eric Dondero said...

Here's my question.

What about Swingers' rights?

Where's the video for Swingers and Wife-swappers?

Why is it that the Gay community is all up in arms about Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Tri, whatever, but completely ignores the Swingers' community. (And even heterosexual polygamists?)

Swingers' rights are getting trampled on 10 times worse than Gays. Swingers' clubs are being banned all around the Nation.

Where's the outcry from Gays?

bint alshamsa said...


As I've said before, I'm all for swingers having their rights recognized, too. I suppose you ought to ask those who are swingers why they don't make videos discussing their plight. It might be a good idea. In fact, why don't you make one?

If you think that swingers are having their rights trampled more than gays, then why don't you show how that's the case? I'd love to see you make a logical argument for this assertion.

For the record, all of the gay people in my life support sexual freedom for everyone.