Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today is the National March for Sex Workers Rights

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Picture Description: Eight people, wearing a variety of formal and casual clothes, stand holding a sign that reads "National March for Sex Workers Rights December 17th Washington DC".

I was having all sorts of weird dreams this morning where I was looking for Renegade Evolution. In my sleep, I finally realized what was going on and woke up. Today is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This morning many people, including Ren, will be participating in the National March for Sex Workers Rights in Washington, D.C. Please go over to her blog and voice your support for what she's doing today.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but I support sex workers rights. There are several reasons why I believe that sex work should be legal. For one thing, we let adults purchase all sorts of other goods and services that some people may not be interested in. I don't smoke but if an adult wants to buy tobacco products, then they can go to the store and get them. This doesn't stop me from abstaining from smoking.

Because certain kinds of sex work are illegal (e.g. prostitution), a sex worker who is the victim of a crime may be afraid to go to the police or seek redress in the courts. This is a problem. A lot of sex workers are women and many of them are also people of color. Because of this, they are already less likely to be treated with respect by the criminal justice system. When you add being a sex worker to any of the labels someone has applied to them, it can become a roadblock to receiving justice even in the most egregious cases.

Another reason why sex work shouldn't be illegal: the economy is in terrible shape. Let's face it. If we legalized prostitution, we could tax the hell out of it. Heck, we tax dern near everything else. Why should prostitution be exempt? Let everybody pay their fair share!

These are reasons why I think that sex work shouldn't be illegal but today's march is about more than that. It's about rights. That makes it simple for me. Sex workers are people. Because they are people, they deserve all of the same rights enjoyed by those who engage in other kinds of work. Disenfranchising sex workers creates a underclass that is antithetical to the ideals of an egalitarian society. That's what it all boils down to. Making sure that sex workers are able to enjoy the same rights as everyone else would bring this country closer to reaching its full potential.

Please keep today's marchers in your thoughts today and, if you have a blog, consider voicing your support for sex worker's rights as a show of solidarity.


Anonymous said...

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Amber Rhea said...

Lovely post, Bint. Well said.

dmarks said...

I can't click on links because that "snap shots" thing appears on the top of them. Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. Is this intended as a function to prevent clicking on links?

I've seen it on a few other blogs, and it makes reading/using them difficult.

bint alshamsa said...


You can click the snapshots box and it will take you to the linked site.

dmarks said...

OK. Thanks. I guess I am used to be able to easily click on links without obstacles.

bint alshamsa said...

Well, I like the SnapShots feature because I can get an idea of what's on the link or even read some of the content without having to click on it.

dmarks said...

Well, this time, the Snapshots did not appear, and one click got me to the link.