Wednesday, December 03, 2008

That's right, Caledon! Screw The Disabled Kid, Right?

The National Post reports
The town of Caledon may force a three-year-old boy with cerebral palsy to give up his miniature pony after a neighbour complained about the smell.
Sam Spiteri’s grandfather gave him the pony, Emily, after he was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy shortly after birth. The boy can’t walk or crawl, and Emily is part of his therapy regime.
“When we take him off the pony he cries. Even if he’s tired he doesn’t want to leave her,’’ his mother, Antonia Spiteri, said today.
But at the end of July, the town notified the Spiteris the pony had to be removed due to the complaints.
Oh, but it gets even better than this and by "better", I mean "bogus".
Ms Spiteri said both her family and the complaining neighbour border on a cattle farm, and can’t understand how the smell was traced to Emily.
‘‘The cows go right up to their property too. We thought, ‘You’re kidding – seven cows to one miniature pony?’ We were quite shocked by what we thought was a joke at first.”
Of course, the Spiteris can ask the Caledon town committee to allow Sam to keep his therapy animal. It will only cost them $1,145. Even then there's no guarantee they'll say yes.


Anonymous said...

How cruel and unthinking people can be. No complaints about smelly cars and stinking factories but a miniature pony...

Are we so far gone that we don't remember how nature and reality smells ? Or are we just selfish and arrogant ?

Very sad.

H├ęctor Portillo said...

can't they complain for having a very annoying neighbour?

BLESSD1 said...

That, my friend, is some utter HORSESHIT!!! Pun, of course, intended. Is it wrong for me to pray that a meteor crash into the neighbor's home?

dmarks said...


Plain(s)feminist said...

Is there anything we can do on an activist level?

dmarks said...

Perhaps delivering loads of horse-manure to certain places?

bint alshamsa said...


Your comments make my day. Don't ever change.