Tuesday, December 30, 2008

South Bronx Shows Support For Gaza

This can be seen in the South Bronx from the Bruckner Highway.  on TwitPic

Photo by MamitaMala

Photo Description: The words "I love Gaza" are written in graffiti using a heart to represent the word "love". That background is black. The letters are white and the heart is red with a white lining around it. According to MamitaMala, "This can be seen in the South Bronx from the Bruckner Highway".


DZ said...

Most people in the Bronx could not give a damn, nor know about, the situation in Southern Israel/Gaza. I'd be shocked if a Bronxite actually spray painted this.

Anonymous said...

Bronxite who painted it here.... Thanks for your insightful comment. Indeed, the purpose of good art is to raise issues and inspire inquiry, so whether people know it or not, either way the value is enhanced if it is seen and commented on, like you have! Also, it is visible to tens of thousands of commuters to and from NYC, many who do not live in the Bronx, so many people are exposed to this message. Good points, thanks!