Sunday, December 28, 2008

Please, Please Don't Bring The Bible Into This

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Science has proven that the there is virtually no genetic difference between the Jews and all the other Semitic people in that area. The only difference is what religion each group claims. So, if having ancestors who lived there in the past gives one the right to claim the land now, then the Palestinians have more right to that land than any non-Semitic person who has ever converted to Judaism and currently resides in Israel. It also means they have just as much right to that land as those Semitic people who do call themselves Jews.

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Unknown said...

I've thought about this many times in relation to my own family background.

My family came from the Ukraine - all four of my grandparents emigrated to the US from the area around Kiev. I look Ukrainian - really pale white skin, light-brown hair (now turning grey), blue eyes. People don't know I'm Jewish unless I tell them or they hear me talking about synagogue, etc.

This all jars with the fact that prior to the Jewish Diaspora, nearly all Jews were, well, Semites, with brown skin, and as you say probably not distinguishable from other Middle Eastern people.

So how did my very white family wind up Jewish? There had to be conversions somewhere along the line, as my family is clearly from Ukrainian stock and not Semitic.

Hence, it is true that my ancestors most likely never lived in Palestine and therefore our family has about as much claim on Palestine as your average WASP - none. And that is one of the points of my opposition to the "state" of israel.

Now, it's possible that if I could trace my geneology far back enough, I could find a very distant ancestor that was Semitic and perhaps intermarried into my ancestral family. But to claim that makes me Semitic is like someone who says that their "Cherokee" b/c they've got 1/64th Cherokee blood -

dmarks said...

Both sides should listen to it. Including the Palestinian people, who by a majority voted in Hamas and support its explicit stated goal of exterminating the Israelis.

The desire for exterminating the "others" is mainstream in Palestinian society, but not in Israeli society.

About Cherokees, it is up to the Cherokee Nation to determine who is a Cherokee or not, and not up to outsiders. A person who is 1/64 Cherokee can become a member of the Cherokee Nation if they can properly document the descent.

bint alshamsa said...


Again, I have to ask, how did you come to believe this stuff is the case? Does the fact that the majority of American voters chose a particular politician mean that the majority of Americans support whatever the politician says?

Your ideas about Palestinian society are so erroneous that they venture into the absurd. Here's a novel idea: Prove what your saying. Prove that the "desire for exterminating the 'others' is mainstream in Palestinian society, but not in Israeli society".