Monday, December 22, 2008

Listen to the Pope: Save the Rainforest (and the gays)!

This past Monday, Pope Benedict XVI gave a rousing speech on homosexuality where he said, "(The Church) should also protect man from the destruction of himself. A sort of ecology of man is needed," and "The tropical forests do deserve our protection. But man, as a creature, does not deserve any less."

You know, I really am happy that the Pope has decided we need to do something to preserve the world's population of lesbian and gay people. Lots of folks have been eagerly awaiting the day when the Pope would recognize what a world without them might look like. Art, the sciences, sports, literature, and politics...these folks have been quite busy improving the world around them and making this a better planet for their hetero brethren, haven't they?!

That Day Without a Gay event must have really put the fear of God in Pope Benedict (no pun intended), and not a moment too soon, I might add! Personally, I thank the heavens above that America's lesbians and gays had mercy on us and didn't take this thing international. Seriously, people! Worldwide Day Without a Gay? Do. Not. Want.

What with all of the gay Catholic priests and nuns, the Church might collapse in upon itself! That's why I'm glad Pope Benedict is taking such decisive action to support them and the Church's gay laity members. Just think, back when he was first elected to the papacy, many gay Catholics were worried that he might continue to engage in the same sort of virulently homophobic speech that former popes used towards those who only sought to be treated with the same dignity that the Church says all of God's other (heterosexual) children deserve.

On Monday, Pope Benedict also said we need to "listen to the language of creation". Well stated, Pope!! I mean, have you ever seen the list of animals that are known to display homosexual behavior? Could the Creator have made it any more clear how natural homosexuality is? It would take more than a dozen lifetimes just to study the mammals on this list!

I'm glad that Pope Benedict XVI is showing just how seriously he takes Jesus' message of love and acceptance for all those who are looked down upon in society and his rejection of those who would use their position as religious leaders to cast aspersions on the downtrodden.

Photo Description: Pope Benedict XVI is a late middle-aged white male. He is wearing an absolutely FABULOUS gold and cream embroidered lace gown with matching cape and hat. He is flanked by a cadre of similarly-dressed priests. His left hand grasps a gold staff topped with a crucifix. His right hand is held out in front of him as he makes gestures to an unseen audience.

"He prayeth best, who loveth best
All things both great and small;
For the dear God who loveth us
He made and loveth all."
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Anonymous said...

A rousing speech on homosexuality??? Did you read the whole speech to the Curia?
The word "homosexuality" was not even used.
This speech had many other themes but somehow Western world is now just focused on one thing......

bint alshamsa said...

Perhaps it wasn't clear but my post was meant to be more than a little sarcastic. By the way, I did read the Curia.

Lisa Harney said...

The word "homosexuality" does not need to be used when the pope throws out a big pile of dog whistles that clearly define the only natural relationships as "one man, one woman." Are straight people so blind to their privilege that they can't see how saying "hetero is the only way to be" is talking about homosexuality?

Great post, Bint.

One of the dishonest debate tactics I've heard from Christian homophobes is ... they insist homoexuality is unnatural. You point out that homosexuality is natural and exists throughout the animal kingdom. They then say "Oh, so you're giving in to your base instincts rather than rising above them!" or something like that.

Anthony Kennerson said...

First off...Ratz Benedict is a proto-Nazi tool who walks around in a dress and whose organization allowed known child molestors and rapists to avoid justice. Just because he carries the title of the leader of the Roman Catholic Church means nothing to me, since I'm not a practicing Catholic...but his fascism is an insult to Jesus and all genuine progressive religious folk.

Just because he suddenly discovered Rick Warren and decided that glossing over their fundamentally reactionary sexual agenda with some liberal gloss about global warming and aiding the poor (while he lives in absolute spendor in the Vatican and lives off the broken backs of the working poor) is no more reason to take his bombasts any more seriously than usual.

In short, he is the Wizard of Oz..but with a bigger scepter.

On that note.....Joyeux Noel to all. The baby Jesus deserves his due respect, even if the Church founded in His name doesn't.


barbie said...

You gotta love a man secure enough in his man(ness) to wear an outfut like that...

Lisa Harney said...

First off...Ratz Benedict is a proto-Nazi tool who walks around in a dress and whose organization allowed known child molestors and rapists to avoid justice.

Wow. Just wow.

Yeah, his wardrobe is right up there with fascism and coddling sexual predators. Plus, mocking talk about "men in dresses" is never a tool of homophobia or transphobia, am I right?

libhom said...

He reminds me of the Emperor from the Star Wars movies.

Anyway, his opposition to birth control and abortion make his words on saving rainforests empty and hypocritical.