Friday, December 12, 2008

John Tesh is this generation's Moses

Not really, but my daughter and partner certainly seem to think so. Yesterday, I was imbibing my daily can of Pepsi Max, not bothering anyone at all when The German walks by and sees me. He keeps walking and says to VanGoghGirl, "You ought to tell your mom what The Tesh said about women and caffeine". She then starts into this spiel about how much caffeine a woman can safely drink before it starts affecting them negatively and how caffeine is so addictive that you shouldn't attempt to quit cold-turkey...blah blah blah.

What is it about this guy that they just love so much? Most girl's VanGoghGirl's age want to listen to hip hop or pop music when they get in the car. After school, my kid wants to listen to John Tesh's "Intelligence for Your Life". I swear, every other day she and my partner have some kind of advice for me courtesy of "The Tesh". I'll admit, I did used to watch him on that show Entertainment Tonight back in the nineties and I found it mildly amusing when he started making sappy new age music a few years ago, but when did this guy become a sage for all the ages?
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Anthony Kennerson said...

Actually, Tesh is more of a mix of born-again Christianity (he was once a 60's style hippie, deep into the more extreme "free love/free drugs" lifestyle) and New Age woo-woo.

And his skills as a composer and musician is actually greater than his ET cohosting skills; he composed most of the background music used by NBC Sports in the 90's for their NBA coverage, and he wrote some pieces for the LA and Salt Lake City Olympics as well.

I guess that he supposes that that makes him qualified to be a guru on such things...but what do I know?? I stopped watching ET a long, long time ago. :-p


ArrogantWorm said...

He does have a point about the caffiene, unfortunately. I find it's harder to quit than smoking.

queen emily said...

His excellent chin qualifies him for religious, nay deity, status. I would follow that chin to the ends of the earth, which just coincidentally happens to be here in Australia. Sweet.

bint alshamsa said...

That is an amazing chin, isn't it?

Aaron said...

Caffeine is a blessing and miracle drug! I think I link to about 15 or 20 different medical studies on my blog over the last few years about the effects of caffeine and coffee on the human body. It does everything from make your heart healthy, to increasing your attentiveness, an exercise aid, longevity, etc. I would strongly disagree with Tesh!

Tesh doesn't have an M.D. after his name, the people who wrote those studies do! (just type in "caffeine" or "coffee" on the search bar in my blog).